GHE Realty was formed in 2005 and is operated by Michael R. Messenger, a local real estate executive with 40 years of experience in all facets of residential real estate sales, consulting, development, and leadership.

Our highly qualified team of associates consists of:

David Arriola, Associate Broker: 602-376-9275 - da@davidarriola.com

George Benson, Realtor: 480-229-8165 - georgebenson480@gmail.com

Darline Castellaneta, Realtor: 602-206-3801 - dcast68@gmail.com

John Chapman, Realtor: 602-369-7025 - jaychapman1@gmail.com

Bette Dickey, Realtor: 602-689-9493 - bedickey@q.com

William Eckhardt, Realtor: 480-329-3667 - jay@invisionsstrategic.com

Lindsay Erickson, Associate Broker: 480-330-0177 - lindsayberickson@gmail.com

Brian Marshall, Realtor: 480-276-4245 - brian.j.marshall@gmail.com

Michael Messenger, Designated Broker: 480-560-7171 - mmessenger@gherealty.com

Linda Messenger, Realtor: 602-692-1055 - lmessenger@q.com

Polly Mitchell, Realtor: 480-229-8483 - pollycmitchell@gmail.com

Kent Wick, Realtor: 602-315-1909 - kent.wick@yahoo.com

*Please visit the "LISTINGS" page to see some of our agent's current virtual tours of active listings.